Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LEAN FORWARD? Uh-- no thanks.

MSNBC, the bastion for all things liberal announced a new "re-branding" ad campaign with the tag-line "Lean Forward". Hilarious. For starters, this is hardly re-branding. Anyone with sense who's ever suffered through thirty seconds of that network's innane "news coverage" has emerged force fed and bloated by its progressive agenda. Second, doesn't that ad look scary as hell? "Giving the story fewer place to hide eh? PUH-LEASE. There's one place the story always hides from MSNBC: AMERICA. Maddow, Olbermann and the rest wouldn't know where to find the story even if it was in our nation's capital and involved half a million people. They couldn't find a scoop even if it was a mass movement's referendum on the policies that are killing the American Dream. Oh, wait-- those things happened. We all know what goes on over there, American apology, defense of Sharia law proponents, Obama love and socialist rhetoric.

I'm not leaning anywhere but away from you, MSNBC.

Stand Tall Patriots,


1 comment:

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