Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MSM Neesd CPR: What Chrisite O'Donell means for USA

 How long will it take for the MSM to get it straight? 

The Tea Party is not some flash in the pan group of rag-tag, redneck rabble. The American people are done sitting idly by as their government defaults on their future andThe Tea Party Primary victories are neither the beginning nor the end of what is a mass movement to throw the bums out and honor our constitutional rights to speech, assembly, and most important, the FRANCHISE
Yes WE CAN vote, WE HAVE voted, and WE WILL continue vote and to sweep the floor clean of the dusty do-nothings that "govern" us.  

But the Main Stream Media doesn't get it.
Take Christie O'Donnell's win last night in Delaware over Congressional incumbent Mike Castle. "How did that happen?" That's what the MSM wants to know. You already understand why. It's for the same reasons that the same Tea Party story is playing out in New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada,  Florida : because government is about the people and not about a party or an indefinitely ruling elite. 

This is not the story that the MSM should be covering. It's not about the GOP. It's about the American people and what they want their government to look like - not what it looked like in the past

Now, I'm not saying that we should all jump on the bandwagon for any candidate that slaps a Don't Tread On Me sticker onto their bumper. It's necessary that we vet our candidates and do it well before we exercised our most sacred privilege and THROW THE BUMS OUT!

Stand Tall Patriots,



  1. I couldn't agree more Super! The Mains Stream Media needs to understand that politics is not about Ds and Rs. Its about US and its about our freedom! What WE say GOES. Not some fat cat, pork fed politicians..

  2. Yeah John! Yay Super, you're back! Where were you? I can't wait 'til November!

  3. Yeah right to the point. Use your power.

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