Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hello Patriots! Tomorrow morning I'll board a bus bound for Philadelphia for Uni-Tea, my first non-NYC Tea Party event.

 Here's how Uni-Tea is described on My Fox Philly's website:

Philly Hosting Uni-Tea Rally Saturday

Tea Partiers From All Over U.S. Coming To Town

PHILADELPHIA - The Tea Party is trying to bring our government back to its roots by holding another event right here in Philadelphia.
The country's newest political party has picked the birthplace of our Constitution as its backdrop once again.
The rally, slated to take place from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday , will take place on Independence Mall.
That's across the street from the National Constitution Center where President Barack Obama gave his speech on race in March 2008.
The nearly all-white speaking lineups that usually frequent Tea Party rallies across the nation will get a strong dose of diversity in City of Brotherly Love.
The party is pushing hard to get back to the basics of government as the fall elections draw closer, Fox 29's Ty Chandler reported.

This is going to be an awesome and historic event. I'll post reflections, photos, and possibly video next week!

Until then

Stand Tall Patriots,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Race Riot Sideshow: Destructive Distraction


I've reserved commentary on the race related uproar of the past few weeks  but feel that it is time to weigh in. Each event of the past few weeks: the NAACP allegation that the Tea Party is wholly racist, the deplorable Mark Williams rant, the Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, and the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, can all be categorized under one heading: Polarizing Distraction.

Whether it be Big Government's Andrew Breitbart, or the NAACP's Ben Jealous, both the left and the right are shamefully guilty of playing the race card, in a game when the stakes are far too high. The spectacle of the last weeks has eclipsed more important stories such as the continued cleanup of the gulf, the passage of the financial reform and unemployment legislation, the looming spectre of the un-American DISCLOSE Act, and the fact that there is neither a solution on the horizon for our astronomical budget deficit, nor is there a viable candidate to take the helm in 2012 and make sure that our ship doesn't run aground.

Do not be distracted. Do not lose focus. If you are reading this blog, then you, like me, uphold most supremely the ideals that our nation was founded upon, and are willing to tirelessly toil for their restoration. 

Does a childish he said she said about melanin do anything to control government spending and bloated bureacracy? No.

Do disingenuous video edits advance our national discussion about how to maintain our federalist tradition of individual liberty and states' rights? No.

Do we need to refocus our lens away from inflammatory wedge issues and onto topics like fighting ObamaCare. Of course we do.

Yes, the knee-jerk reaction of the Obama Administration in using Tom Vilsack as a scapegoat to fire Shirley Sherrod without as much as a cursory examination of the evidence against her, is evidence that Black people do not have a faithful protector in the White House as many liberals falsely believe. However, that is actually just an indicator that we need to find and elect a capable Commander in Chief, who won't use a "human shield" tactic when backed into a corner by some random website administrator.

Who is that person? That is the question of the hour, and that is what we need to recruit our collective energies for. Let us not stray to watch the next cable news broadcasted kindergarten quibble at the expense of our goal to take back America for the Free.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Financial Reform: Fiscal Fiasco

 It's clear that financial reform needs to  be done in this country. But not like this.

Obama Economy (Cartoon)
Our US Senators have voted  to kill debate on the most extreme  manipulation of financial rules since the Great Depression: The Financial Reform Bill. This sets up a final vote which will happen later tonight.

Obama says that the bill is "a sensible framework of rules and regulations, adequate to hold financial institutions accountable." In reality its just a document that legitimizes more government control and bailouts that the American people are sick of!

Conservatives and liberals alike should be furious because this bill does NOT put enough financial "skin in the game" for mortgage lenders, and makes ridiculous patronizing concessions that will have zero positive impact on saving our economy, such as nominally giving shareholders more "decision making rights". In reality nothing is changing at all. To add salt  to the wound, these fools are adding another federal bureacracy to burn money. The Federal Insurance Office (FIO), to be contained within the Treasury Department, is intended to monitor the insurance industry and make "recommendations" about which companies should be treated as systemically important. It's just a bunch of big words for more government bloating.

Why would we trust this Administration to get anything fiscally responsible done in the first place? We shouldn't. Just think about the abject failure of the stimulus package juxtaposed with the administration's recent touting of it as a great success.

The White House's claim that Obama's $826,000,000,000 stimulus has already "saved or created" 3 million jobs is patently false. In actuality he failed to deliver on his stimulus promises by 7.4 million jobs. The American people aren't stupid. Just look at the CBS poll to the left. 74 percent of Americans believe the Obama stimulus either damaged the economy or had no effect.

The White House ruse is risible. 

Surprise, surprise, the Great Tea Party hope Scott Brown was one of three republicans to side with Obama on this one. 

We need an answer, and it's coming in November. If the American people know that the stimulus is a sham, and if the American people know that the Financial Reform Bill is nothing but more of the same spending that threatens to destroy our way of life, then why can't Congress figure it out? Frankly, I don't care why. We just need a new one. I don't want my kids being forced to speak Mandarin if they aren't living in China.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Repeal and Replace

I received this from my local Tea Party. If you are opposed to the government take over of heathcare, then take some action:

 Action Alert
 Contact the Key Democrats
Congressman Steve King's DISCHARGE PETITION had 109 of the required 218 signatures as of July 1.  This petition would require a straight up-or-down vote on the repeal of ObamaCare.
We need all 34 Democrats who voted against ObamaCare to sign this petition.  Here they are: The Hon. John Adler, The Hon. Jason Altmire, The Hon. Michael Arcuri, The Hon. John Barrow, The Hon. Marion Berry, The Hon. Dan Boren, The Hon. Rick Boucher, The Hon. Bobby Bright, The Hon. Ben Chandler, The Hon. Travis Childers, The Hon. Artur Davis, The Hon. Lincoln Davis, The Hon. Chet Edwards, The Hon. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, The Hon. Tim Holden, The Hon. Larry Kissell, The Hon. Frank Kratovil, The Hon. Daniel Lipinski, The Hon. Stephen Lynch, The Hon. Jim Marshall, The Hon. Jim Matheson, The Hon. Mike McIntyre, The Hon. Mike McMahon, The Hon. Charlie Melancon, The Hon. Walt Minnick, The Hon. Glenn Nye, The Hon. Colin Peterson, The Hon. Mike Ross, The Hon. Heath Shuler, The Hon. Ike Skelton, The Hon. Zack Space, The Hon. John Tanner, The Hon. Gene Taylor, The Hon. Harry Teague 
Make as many calls and / or send as many faxes as you can. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thoughts of Freedom

Greetings Patriots! I hope that you all had a safe and proud Independence Day weekend with your friends and family!

To me, July Fourth is a time to reflect on what the founding of our great nation meant to those whose blood and toil allow us to live in the greatest country in history. I believe that the words of Jefferson and Madison should be the true north on our American Compass, to keep our course unaltered by the winds of "change". One must constantly refer back to the designs of his journey's beginning to confirm that he is heading in the right direction.

We cannot forget that WE THE PEOPLE are charged with this duty-- not some  autocratic authority figure. As citizens of this republic it is our responsibility to stay make sure that the path we tread is in leading us to the promised land of our national destiny.

But if we become complacent and neglect our duties, then we may find ourselves entangled in the creeping undergrowth of a different, darker path. In fact that is what we are seeing today. We've forgotten our sovereign duties and have allowed our "leadership" to take us astray into a mire of spending, debt, bureaucracy, and post-American policy-- and then we're on the right track:

We're no fools. The President consistently attempts to placate us with his "we're doing great but it's a tough road" bit. It's because of his profligate policies that our debt is skyrocketing regardless of what claims he makes as to meager improvements in job creation.How dare he invoke our nation's Independence Day to bolster his doublespeak! The anniversary of our nation's founding should have us up in arms to fight the deepening hole that we Americans find ourselves sinking into.

It is time to stop the premature back patting over primary victories and focus our attention on November. Here's one way. I may have had some quibbles with remarks he made about candidates publicizing their affiliation with the Tea Party, but Dick Armey has provided Americans with a way forward through Freedom Works. If you hesitate to click, just think of how much less painful a mouse click is than a bayonet or musket ball through the chest. If we can't endure taking such minimal action on behalf of those who gave their lives for our freedom, then we deserve to be lied to and lured into a socialist wasteland.

Do what you can, and let's get back on track.

Stand Tall Patriots,