Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kagan's Abortion Amendment reporting has shown that Elena Kagan, current nominee for Supreme Court Justice, had a strong hand in striking down a Nebraska law that banned partial birth abortion. Ironically, it is not her position that is the worst part of this story, but the underhanded, dishonest manner in which she went about achieving her goal. Recent evidence (that the Clinton Library tried to conceal from the public) shows that Kagan, acting as Clinton's Deputy Policy Advisor, manipulated a report by a panel from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to trick the Supreme Court into believing that qualified doctors agreed that partial birth abortion was a medically necessary procedure. On the contrary, the ACOG could point to not even one single set of circumstances where the abortion would save  a mother's life. Here is the documentation that proves Kagan's shady, deceptive orchestration. The edits below are in her own hand:

To summarize, the original document actually written by the ACOG read, "the procedure (partial birth abortion) may not be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman." After Kagan took her pen to the page it read, "An intact D & X may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman.” Kagan completely altered the meaning of the message to be the opposite! She also sneakily inserted the term "intact D&X" which stands for "dilation and extraction" in order to make partial birth abortion seem more antiseptic-- removed from human suffering and death. 

Elena Kagan duped the very judicial body to which she now wants a seat. Whether you believe that abortion is right or wrong, it is indisputable that such dishonesty is unbefitting the highest court in the land. Her actions did not only affect Nebraska during the Clinton administration, but the entire country. When President Bush later signed a federal partial birth abortion ban, the ACOG official policy statement was instrumental to overturning it because it was regarded by judges as the result of reasoned collaboration of medical experts. Nay, it was nothing more than the ramrodding of the Clinton agenda by his "policy advisor" Elena Kagan.

Sounds like the work of a Mafia goon to me. When this woman gets confirmed the scales of justice will be tipped out of favor for judicial integrity, unborn children, and the American people alike.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elena Kagan's Ventriloquist Confirmation

Have you been watching former Clintonite, Solicitor General Elena Kagan's  Supreme Court confirmation  hearing? It's infuriating that these hearings have become nothing more than an exercise in saying nothing. Kagan herself has described the process as "vacuity and farce." Truer words have never been spake-- although, this cartoon captures this particular confirmation best:

I was incredulous to discover a recent poll which found that 42% of Americans had no opinion regarding Kagan's possible confirmation. This is shameful. Elena Kagan is a politician at best. She's got ZERO experience as a judge on the bench. The only thing that she should be asked during these hearings is to leave. The only reasons that the Obama Administration chose her are because:

1.) She's a woman and it makes them look progressive.
2) She supports the liberal agenda (anti-gun rights, pro-abortion, etc.) and has proclaimed that being an activist judge is "not necessarily wrong or invalid."
3)  She's got no record of court decisions, which will make it harder for Republicans (or Dems with sense) to question her about her history.

But the biggest reason is that she supports extending Big Government. In a paper she wrote for the Harvard Law Review in 2001 titled "Presidential Administration" she argued the merits of supreme Executive Branch control over regulatory bodies and agencies in order for a President to achieve his or her aims. In Nobama's case that would be disastrous for America.What a nightmare this wolf in judge's clothing is!

kagan-softball The Constitution of the United States is not a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book! It laid down the laws for our country and the Supreme Court must be its enforcers. If we wanted them to make revisionist interpretations we'd ask them to sit down with some Sharpies and have at it. That's not the job, and only a few of them get it. I guess we could never have expected Nobama to replace the most liberal judge in history, Judge Stevens with a moderate, but we really can only speculate as to the leanings of Kagan based on her sparse record. But I suppose, despite what her softball pic indicates, that she bats Lefty.
Stand Tall Patriots,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Biden to Small Biz: "Bite Me"

Saw this on Gateway Pundit this morning.

Yesterday, VP and bionic gaffe machine Joe Biden went campaigning in Wisconsin to support left-fielder Russ Feingold (D-WI). After ordering a sweet treat at Kopp's, a local custard stand, for a no-press photo-op Biden asked its owner how much he owed him. The owner's response: “Nothing, just lower our taxes.”

Biden, fuming, snubbed the man and turned away, a mouth full of custard, and face full of egg. Then, according to Breitbart TV, Biden snarled at the man, “Say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time.”

For a guy who's built his career on being the "everyman" and riding Amtrak to work, his behavior was surprisingly snobbish, befitting the out-of-touch politician that he is. If I were Obama, I'd drop this court jester and pick up Hillary for 2012. Especially so we can beat both of them and kill her chances for the big show later on..

Stand Tall Patriots,


Friday, June 25, 2010

Ku Klux Kanjorski: The Left Has Racists Too

I just had to repost this video featured today on ABC. It is of  Rep. Paul Kanjorski stating that the new Finance Bill will give relief to those that he describes as, "people -- and they're not minorities and they're not defective and they're not all the things you'd like to insinuate that these programs are about -- these are average, good American people."
The notion that "minorities" should be classed with "defective people", and the implication that the category of "average, good American people" precludes the membership of "minorities" is asinine, offensive and deplorable. I don't care if the utterer of such a statement is lefty, righty, or ambidextrous. It doesn't matter. The problem is that such remarks indicate a profoundly stubborn ignorance and refusal to recognize the inherent 'Americanness' of people like myself, and other readers of this blog that don't give two licks about race, and just want to work hard for the advancement of our nation. We are everywhere, and marginalizing our productive citizenship is divisive, short-sighted, and un-American. Racism is clearly not the exclusive province of the Right, and it must be eradicated before Americans will be able to truly band together and rebuild this great country of ours.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flashback: Ronald Reagan Reawakened"It is no coincidence that our present troubles parallel, and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and excessive growth of government. It is time for us to realize that we are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We're not as some would have us believe doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing."

More than ever before Reagan's words are relevant to us all. Please take a few moments to listen to the Great Communicator put government in it's rightful place, inspire his citizens to draw upon the greatest qualities of the American spirit, and aspire to lead the world to prosperity. This was filmed at his first inaugural address on January 20, 1981:

Remember the American promise.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Reporter Shatters McChrystal: A man. A pen. A volcano. can't tell you how ashamed I am today of our news media, our government and our society.
The reputation of a military genius, and our nation's security have been compromised by a misused ball point and a misbehaving force of nature. That's right. Had it not been for that Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull McChrystal would still have his life, and our country's safety in tact.

What was supposed to be a couple of short interviews in Paris became an extended month long affair for Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings when the ash cloud enshrouded European skies. A note from Hastings' twitter confirms it.

So to McChrystal and his aides, this guy was inconspicuous and seemingly trustworthy after such an extended relationship. He must have seemed like one of the embedded reporters, who often realize that what they see and hear is sensitive information-- and that they should exercise caution to publicize only the most essential elements of what they witness. This Michael Hastings, this rock reporter, had none of that sense. He's probably in some trailer somewhere patting himself on the back while some musician snorts drugs off of an overeager, underage groupie. Stick to those stories Hastings. Leave our country alone. 
I have no problems with General Petraeus, another true hero and Patriot with a proven record of service, taking over command. But what I cannot tolerate is the credence that the American news media have given to such a trifling story. If you read the headlines you'd think that the General had overtly undermined the President's authority. The President has done that himself. He hasn't even mentioned Afghanistan since his lackluster, watery words at West Point in December! What sort of Commander in Chief is that?? He's shown no leadership, and now he's been buffetted by the whimsical winds of Washington gossip and media hype. 

Where are the American people on this? I'm not seeing enough outrage at either this hack, pop journalist, or at the backbone bereft bureaucracy. I for one will make sure that the next candidate for president that I vote for has a history of truly supporting our military, and is a man of integrity who won't cave to tabloid media stories, crafted by dilettante donkeys wielding recording devices.

What a tragedy that volcano proved to be for America. If not for that, such a bloodsucking yellow-journalist would never have been able to sidle up and destroy a national hero with a few thoughtless strokes of a pen. But we, as Americans have to tune out of these stupid stories. Our intellectually devoid consumer culture permits our media to inundate and influence us with drivel fit for the lowest common denominator. Maybe if we stop watching, maybe if we write to them, maybe if we don't read trash mags like Rolling Stone, we'll be able to send them a message: stop feeding us shit. 

Stand Tall Patriots,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Runaway General: McChrystal McMadness

By now you must have heard of the dust up over candid remarks made by General Stanley McChrystal and some of his aides  regarding top administration officials,  recently printed in Rolling Stone. Obama was reportedly "furious" and called him in to Washington to be reamed out today. Some are even calling for the General's resignation! it's evident that the President is very reactionary. He's always on the defensive-- backpedaling like a terrified unicyclist in the lion's den at the circus. The most recent example is his handling of the Gulf Oil Crisis. His critics cornered him into posing for contrived, up-rolled sleeve photo ops, and making that "Jesus save us all because suddenly I'm born again, and oh yeah let's pass my energy agenda!" PR speech last week. So I wouldn't be surprised if he fires this Hero because he wants to be seen as a stern Commander in Chief. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't because the man suffers a severe case of spinless-itis.

I reserved judgment either way until I read the Rolling Stone piece, which I did not find to be at all damning of the man. All he did was make it clear that he didn't feel like dining with a bunch of fake, fair weather Frenchies who want to cut and run from fighting the war on Terror, and that he's not a fan of Joe Biden (honestly, Biden should take his lessons from McChrystal in tempering one's words). Plus, this is all he said when preparing for questions about his thoughts on Biden among his aides: "Are you asking about Vice President Biden?" McChrystal says with a laugh. "Who's that?" Big Deal. Those Rolling Stone scoundrels never quoted him criticizing the President at all! Period. And he should not be responsible for the words of his aides, which also were nothing disparaging about the President.

Now I think that chain of command is important in the military, but a leader must earn respect before he will command it from accomplished, fearless, patriots like General McChrystal. Let's be serious, as the RS article points out: under his leadership "the Joint Special Operations Command, the elite forces that carry out the government's darkest ops...killed and captured thousands of insurgents, including Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq." That is impressive, and it's no surprise that during their first meeting Obama "seemed 'uncomfortable and intimidated' by the roomful of military brass." And, with the President shaking in his penny loafers, their first one-on-one meeting "was a 10-minute photo op" and "Obama clearly didn't know anything about him" despite the fact that he was the man who would "run his f---ing war." 

Now the only thing that the General did that could ever been construed in an alternate universe as insubordination to his commander was pressing for more troops for the war last year in a report that was LEAKED. Hmmm, didn't thatwork in Iraq, and didn't Obama run on a platform of kickin some ass in Afghanistan? Well Obama dragged his feet for three months before deciding to make things happen and delivering that supremely uninspiring West Point speech on December 1st of last year. Since then the administration has provided no leadership where it should: political and diplomatic matters,  leaving the General and his men to do double and triple duty when they should be focused on winning a war.

Are you kidding me? Why should this man be fired? So that Obama can look good? No. That's not a good enough reason. He's done nothing but do his job, and has tried to bravely lead his men in the most abominably impossible circumstances for a "Commander" that won't even use the words "VICTORY" or "WIN". This man loves his country, and he's proven it by putting his life on the line and being a LEADER.

Obama is no leader, and I hope that he recognizes that the only credibility he retain will be due to surrounding himself with true patriots like General Stanley McChrystal. Even if he prefers Jack in the Box to arugula. Even if he flips the bird occasionally with the guys. Even if he's not some Ivy League Professor.

General Stanley McChrystal should not be fired, and the guys that wrote the article should think twice before capitalizing on America's insatiable appetite for inflated, unfounded controversy--- especially when it involves the men that protect us-- especially when we're at war.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Obama Pays Off His Voters 50 Billion
 Look Familiar?

It's not rocket science folks. We need to stop spending like some 18 year old kid who hopes his credit card will score him some action with the head cheerleader. Unfortunately, the reasons behind our spending aren't so benign.

Obama is paying off his voting base-- with $50 billion of your cash.

Instead of putting the pressure on elected politicians to balance their budgets with their own tax revenues, Obama sees an opportunity to curry favor with the Dem base by calling for a $50 billion dollar bailout of state and city politicians to hand off cash to their government employees. But the truth is: these people aren't in danger of losing their jobs, and are far better off than the average American worker. Wrote Pat Buchanan in an article for realclearpolitics:

Government workers enjoy far greater job security than private-sector workers. At the state and local level, their average pay and benefits, about $40 an hour, far exceed the $27 per hour in the private sector. The federal worker has it even better, receiving $30,000 a year more in pay and benefits than the average worker in the private sector.

Obama's proposal is thus about taking care of his own and the Democratic Party's political base.
Consider. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Federation of Teachers, the Transport Workers Union of America and other government unions in the AFL-CIO are all powerhouses of the Democratic Party.

Obama is calling for a taxpayer rescue of the political class to which he belongs, to spare it the painful duty tens of thousands of business executives have had to perform. Private employees -- 25 million of whom are out of work, underemployed or have given up looking for jobs -- may be expendable, but government workers are not.

Whatever happened to making local politicians responsible for their own and supporting the private sector? I'll tell you what: the liberal agenda to grow government. Why? Because Democrats = Big Government. The bigger government is, the larger the Democrat base becomes. And currently, government comprises nearly 40% of the American economy.

Many opponents of the Obamanation have worn t-shirts or carried signs depicting him as the Joker from the Dark Knight. Although humorous, I never got the connection. However, in thinking about this payoff, he does remind me of Jack Nicholson's Joker in the 1989 version during a scene in which he parades through the streets on a huge, ostentatious float, tossing out free money to gain popularity with the citizens of Gotham city. Of course,  he soon after poisons them all! Embedding is disabled for the video but check it out here

Stand Tall Patriots,


Monday, June 21, 2010

Republican Voter Caveat Emptor: CINO No-No

According to the latest GALLUP poll, Republican voter enthusiasm is at an all-time high:

An average of 59% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents have said they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting this year compared with past elections, the highest average Gallup has found in a midterm election year for either party since the question was first asked in 1994.
Compared to Previous Elections, Are You More Enthusiastic About Voting Than Usual, or Less Enthusiastic? 
That is all well and good, but don't expect that to mean conservatives can relax and rest assured that a return to fiscal responsibility is the inevitable outcome of a midterm congressional change of the guard. Au contraire, my freedom frying friend. Do you recall the massive midterm massacre that republicans served up to the democrat controlled congress in 1994? Of course you do. You must also remember that the revolution's architect, Newt Gingrich, had promised many conservative reforms on day one in his "Contract With America" (e.g., slashing over-sized budgets, moratoriums on regulation, and new congressional term limits). But these reforms were largely unrealized. For example, 95% of the biggest programs that the Contract had vowed to cut entirely had a combined budget increased of 13% by the year 2000!
The anti-majority/incumbent fervor is cyclical, and although major, the backlash that we are seeing now is nothing particularly novel. What would be new would be for the professed conservatives who are elected to office to actually enact what they run their campaigns on once in their seats. Before you hit the polls in November, vet the candidates, and vet them well. Republican, Democrat or independent, I don't care what party the prospect is from, as long as they have a record of sound fiscal policy. We can't afford to repeat 1994 and elect a congress of CINOs (conservatives in name only). As you know, America is Greece on steroids and its time to get off the pill before it's too late to get out of the hole.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crash The Tea Party

I came across something interesting today:

Submitted by J., who makes an excellent point: “Basically, liberals are going out there and doing stupid shit that the teabaggers are doing. Problem is, then the teabaggers can just blame it on the liberals and won’t have to suffer any consequences. This isn’t rocket science and I can’t believe these people think it’s a good idea.  Noble cause, horrific execution.”

 I wish that I could say I'm absolutely shocked, but I'm not. Instead of being constructive to advance whatever strange, Inconvenient Truth, anti-religion, anti-America agenda they support, they have to stoop to slimy subversive levels. Apparently this was originally posted on the now defunct, but the site's founder, Jason Levin (that smarmy looking fellow on the left) was outed by on April 10th. Still, just because they were thwarted once doesn't mean that these people have found something to make of their lives and aren't still up to reprehensible tricks.

Many of you may have read my previous post about that attack site my blog was featured in, which is dedicated to making the Tea Party look bad by publishing quotes, photos, and excerpts of online conversations by SUPPOSED Tea Party members. After reading this "Crash the Tea Party" message I wouldn't be surprised if many of the posts on that website were planted by infiltrators. After all, the objective of Jason Levin and his cronies was to, "whenever possible...act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate the least appealing further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public's opinion of them".

Make no mistake, these creatures are in our midst, spreading propaganda, and attempting to derail our fight to take back America.

Be neither fooled nor disheartened. Arm yourself with knowledge, and when uninformed people try to tell you that you're part of some fringe, extremist group, you can educate them about the treacherous, liberal smear campaign-- email them a copy of that message if you have to!

Beware of traitorous, liars bent on destroying America's opportunity to be free again. There's no need to be paranoid because they're usually easy to spot. They leave a trail of flag hating grime in their wake.

Spread the word, and keep fighting for America!

Stand Tall Patriots,


Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Shut the F*ck Up Teabaggers"???

moran.jpg image slybacon9 
And we're the crazy ones.
Yesterday I stumbled upon a website called "STFU, Teabaggers", which is clever shorthand for "Shut The Fuck Up, Teabaggers". Impressive. This site is "dedicated to the ridiculousness of the tea party movement". It takes quotes and screen shots of online conversations from supposed tea party members and uses them to assert that the Tea Party is wholly racist, ignorant, and dangerous.

I was astonished to find that this site had a link to my blog post about the Chris Matthews "documentary" Rise of the New Right. Apparently I'm a crazy person for having my point of view. I responded to the anonymous author of the site with a post called "Blanket Bias" that he/she approved, and then gave his/her own lengthy rejoinder. My point was that its absurd to pigeonhole members of a national movement into a single disparaging category, despite what inflammatory posts you may find on the internet, because there is evidence to support an alternative perspective. It seems reasonable to me, but I was called "childish" by a person who runs a site called "Shut the fuck up teabaggers". How mature. Not sophomoric or myopic at all. I'll let you read the exchange yourself to form your own opinions. Feel free to comment.

June 18, 2010

Blanket Bias

This site certainly contains some disturbing remarks, and in some cases makes legitimate claims as to the state of our national, socio-racial-political division.
Nevertheless, I invite you to explore the idea that your generally applied, indiscriminately delivered vitriol, discounts the possibility that the Tea Party is not an ideological monolith, and comprises multifarious constituent elements.
I myself am black. I happen to believe in fiscal conservatism, limited government and individual liberty— some principles that have real merit.
There are racists everywhere in this country, not just in the Tea Party. I’m black. I know. But if used correctly, this movement has the potential to bring to light issues integral to the rebuilding of our nation.
Disagreement is fine. Parody is necessary and cathartic. I would just like to engage the viewers of this site in discussion. Some of you have already seen my blog because it was featured here yesterday in a link about Chris Matthews. Now, admittedly my headline was sensational. It was done intentionally to attract readers— in the same way that legitimate news outlets do routinely. (In fact you did the same by suggesting that I had called Chris Matthews a Communist, which I did not.) Nevertheless, I believe that the substance of my article was worthy for reasoned debate, as opposed to lambaste and offhanded lampoon.
Please visit my blog and leave comments to join in on an important discussion. I welcome that, because after all, this is America, and you’re free to disagree or debate me allllll day.

Facebook: Orpheus Patriot
Twitter: Suprpatriot2012

hey orpheus,
i appreciate you checking out the blog, and also what appears to be your vast appreciation for thesauruses. 
this blog is a platform for me to make fun of the tea party. the tea party at best is ridiculous. even if they make some good points, their motives are impure, their methods abrasive and cruel, and their respect for a country they claim to love more than others is marginal. their communist witch-hunting is embarrassing in these modern times, and their self-described patriotism is a hindrance. even if i did think any of their points are valid, the way in which they are presented by way of sloppily made signs hoisted from lawn chairs or angry limbaugh-esque blogs, i can’t respect the movement.
i don’t care if you’re black.  just because you are black and align yourself with the tea party does not mean that the tea party is not wholly racist. it is. of course there are exceptions. and black people can be fiscally conservative without being tea party members. furthermore, socially conservative minorities are just selfish jerks. 
i don’t believe in limited government. in fact i would say that limited government is exactly the opposite of what i believe in. therefore, i find the tea party’s basic principle to be faulty. i believe the government is for the people, and should help the people. i believe it should be a safety net which people can fall back on in times of need. 
the tea party is divided. it doesn’t know whether they do or don’t like minorities, whether they believe in abortion, whether they believe in gay marriage, and doesn’t even grasp the concept of the separation of church and state. i mean it doesn’t even know if it wants to blame BP or obama for the oil spill. a movement that wants to be taken seriously must establish cohesive ideals. a movement which cries about ‘we the people’ and ‘personal liberty’ seems to love telling people what to do in their private lives, how to live those lives, and will verbally behead people at the first sight of any kind of liberalism.  
even the most civil debates i have had with tea party members [of which there have been many] have ended with them calling me a ‘libtard’ or a communist, and telling me to kill myself or that i should have been aborted. this is not a movement of peace, but more or less is an army of fox news foot soldiers who will not listen to any reason. this group of particularly selfish, enraged individuals feels they are more entitled to what they want for america than any other group of people. they find themselves more important. i find no merit whatsoever in this movement, and have been given no reason to. 
your blog entry actually used the words ‘know thy enemy.’ you also refer to him as a loony leftist. you refer to MSNBC as facists, you’re right. not communists. but your blog is a heaping pile of bullshit with a candy bullshit topping, and there’s nothing you can do to sway me from that opinion. i mean you legitimately believe that someone exercising their first amendment right to speak out against the tea party infringes the tea party’s right to speak out against the liberal ‘elitists.’ oh my god, and you think that the tea party is ‘taking the country back.’ do you want to go back to when black people got shot for reading, or do you want to go back to when they were slaves? should we go back to treating women as objects or…? 
you say that we should not hide our political affiliations, yet your movement damns others who are more liberal than them. 
this cute little trend of conservatives making fun of liberals by changing their names to things like ‘obumma,’ ‘rachel madcow,’ and ‘keith blobermann’ is supremely childish. how can you honestly believe that people should take you seriously?
the hardball documentary wasn’t actually slanted. did you watch the whole thing? i went in expecting it to be incredibly agenda-heavy, but i actually found it to be more fact than opinion based. the part where they plugged maddow wasn’t great, but i’m not sure rand paul floundered that poorly on any other show, so they were pretty limited for that coverage. the tea party sees what it wants to see, and what they want to see is fault. even when obama says or does something good, the tea party complains about it. how do you expect the country to have a favorable view of a movement that is NEVER happy?
if any of my readers wish to go debate you on your blog, i urge them to do so. but asking me to do so seems silly. this blog is a satirical blog, and not one that asks for debate. though it feeds my ego like a hungry hungry hippo when i can school people, that’s not what this blog is for. it is just to highlight the craziness of the tea party. i rarely have to even make much commentary, because the things these people are willing to say in public forums speak for themselves. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Armey Ashamed: Tea Party Talk Taboo

This is America. Never hide your beliefs.

Yes, I watch MSNBC's red-faced rant-machine Keith Blobermann so that you don't have to. Last night, when I paused from being awed by his capacious cranium (he's got a really big head), I heard something odd:
Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey, one of the main national proponents of the Tea Party movement is advising members of the Republican Party to say that they're not members of the Tea Party because it will hurt them politically. If you ask me, instructing these elected officials to publicly renounce and conceal their  Tea Party affiliation damages our cause.
I've cut a selection of the footage for your convenience (minimizing your exposure to Blobermann's bloviation):

Armey's claim that Rand Paul's biggest mistake was his publicized Tea Party affiliation is misguided. The Tea Party support that he received was instrumental to his Republican nomination for the Kentucky's Senate race-- and he was right to proclaim it, "a victory for the Tea Party". 

Paul's real error was his inability to handle simple questions regarding his opinion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. His Libertarian stance was philosophically valid, but his delivery-- his inability to say that he denounced racial discrimination in strong language, was a problem. That's just political ineptitude, and it plagues many of us.

Unfortunately, the sound bites that Paul gave the Left actually damaged the Tea Party, not the other way around. What we need is better messaging.
Hiding our political affiliations is not the answer-- especially not in America where we have the right to associate with any party that we choose.

It's our responsibility as Patriots to make sure that America is safe for all points of view, especially when it's a perspective that upholds the highest ideals of freedom, our Constitution, and our Founding Fathers. We've got to encourage our elected officials to proudly proclaim their belief in us and our ideals. When we take control of our message and our image we will reverse the negative press and sliding approval ratings, like I talked about in a previous post "Is The Tea Party Dead?"

I am going to keep fighting for the recognition and actualization of the goals of our cause. I may even run for office myself...

Sorry Dick. You're wrong on this one. If you think you can convince us to stay quiet, keep our heads down and pretend that we no longer exist in the public eye, then I have one question for you:

You and what Armey?

Stand Tall Patriots,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crooked Chris Matthews Kills Freedom
Know Thy Enemy.

I always watch chicanery chocked channels like MSNBC so that I'll know what garbage the other side is trying to deliver to our doorstep. It is imperative that we enlightened conservatives do this because it will help us to refute erroneous claims, and to develop appropriate strategies to defeat the anti-American propaganda machine.

Did you catch Loony Leftist Liberal Liar Chris Matthews last night? He broadcasted a piece of tendentious tabloid trash masquerading as a documentary, called "Rise of the New Right". It is a fear mongering, scare tactic designed to paint conservative concerned citizens who want to restore American values, as dangerous, racist, anti-government lunatics. I am a peaceful, black constitutionalist American, aligned with the core free-market, libertarian values of the Tea Party. I guess that makes me a violent, racist, radical. Right Chris?

Obviously this is untrue.
Let me ask you some questions:

Do YOU think that it is reasonable to pay for your neighbor's mortgage when government policies enabled poor people to buy homes outside of their means and eventually default?

Do YOU think that it's crazy for Americans to peacefully assemble to voice their discontent with the expansion of government and skyrocketing deficit and debt?

Do YOU think that the United States of America should be run based upon the CONSTITUTION, and not a marxist, socialist, "progressive" agenda that is driving our economy and culture into the ground?

Your answers should be no, no, YES. And we're fighting back.

Of course Matthews is afraid.
He's afraid because we're seizing our country back from him and his cronies of the liberal elite.
He's afraid because we're going to kick his president's lying butt out of office.
He's afraid because we're taking a stand to remake America!

Take that stand alongside the National Tea Party Federation, which is petitioning sponsors that advertise on Hardball with Chris Matthews to pull their ads! Don't let them trample on your 1st Amendment Rights! Don't be silenced Americans!

Let's hit these fascists where it hurts: their wallets.

Watch the show and see for yourself how slanderous and slanted this mockery of journalism truly is:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's Oily Opportunity: Slick, Toxic, Rhetoric.


He claimed it was about Cleanup, Restoration and Prevention.

But not so.

Opportunism.  Deception.  Lack of vision.

Each of those words characterizes the President's Gulf Oil Crisis address to the nation last night. Before moving on, I want to be clear about one thing: I am not interested in making this post into a partisan POTUS slam. In fact, I was rooting for Obama last night because I was rooting for Americans. Against all of my rational understanding of what he was likely to deliver, I prayed that he could inspire the nation to rally behind our fellows in the Gulf, and to finally be a leader for all Americans distressed about the worst environmental disaster in American history.

He failed. 

Instead he used the filthy Rahm Emmanuel tactic of turning crisis into political opportunity-- and last night the Oval Office was little more than a platform for Cap and Tax, anti-business Energy Policy.

Instead he was dishonest with the American people.

Instead he exposed his lack of vision for the American future-- the most appalling, and alarming reality of all.

I am certain that there will be a plethora of bloggers attacking sundry particulars of Nobama's speech (e.g., his disingenuous invocation of the military and terrorism, misuse of God and prayer, not suspending the Jones Act, lack of specificity in what we are doing to solve the crisis, and his lies about the reality of the disaster and his administration's late, inadequate response to it).

I will address these issues in future posts, because what I want to focus on today is his lack of vision. Here is an excerpt that should have all Americans outraged, up in arms, and fiercely determined to overthrow this man:
...what has defined us as a nation since our founding is the capacity to shape our destiny – our determination to fight for the America we want for our children.  Even if we’re unsure exactly what that looks like.  Even if we don’t yet know precisely how we’re going to get there.  We know we’ll get there.  
Let me ask you a question: Do YOU know what you want the future to look like? Good God Yes! You're an American! Do YOU know how to get there? Of course you do! It was laid out in our founding documents and upheld by great American leaders, the likes of Ronald Reagan. If we don't know what we want America to look like, or how we want to get there, then how can we get there?

I'm going to start calling this guy Captain Crook, because he's like a blind pirate with two eye patches.

He's got no vision.

Now listen. I'm not interested in just bashing the man, because it is in the best interest of America to proffer solutions, not complaints. As Frank Luntz said last night:
....we’ve now reached the point where we’ve become so divided that we’re not even listening to what our leaders are saying if we disagree with them.
 --and that's un-American. We need reasoned debate, solid conclusions and action. That said, there is a serious, fundamental question that we must ask ourselves and our government:

How can the American President have the audacity to broadcast himself on live television to millions of citizens and profess that he doesn't have the time to contemplate where the nation is headed or how to achieve our national goals of freedom and prosperity?

We need a man of Vision to sit behind his desk and guide our nation like Washington did his boat across the Potomac. Last night Nobama showed precisely the type of criminally lackadaisical leadership that he showed in his response to the oil spill-- and we, like the Louisiana coast, are caught in the sludge while he spews his slick, toxic, rhetoric.

Now don't get me wrong, I believe that the actions of local officials like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindall exemplify the Federalist approach to small government, which says that we don't need a bloated bureaucracy to bungle matters that States are apt to handle themselves. However, the President of the United States should be there for support immediately. He should inspire confidence. He should have the compass when the ship is buffeted by storm.

But it is we conservatives who truly have the correct vision for the future, and we must sail into 2012 with a capable leader that can work for us to deliver it.

We know what we want out of our future: a return to the values that made us the greatest nation the world has ever seen. 

We know what we want to bequeath to our children: a nation rich with opportunity, liberty, and pride.

It was Ronald Reagan who said the we conservatives are not trying to return America to the past, but simply trying to refocus our vision with "a past way of viewing our future." That is an integral ingredient we are in need of today. And if we don't have all hands on deck to steer our nation out of troubled waters, we'll run aground, capsize, or be lost in a sea of post-American disaster.

Watch Nobama's speech here if you haven't already, and give your own feedback. Let's ignite this important discussion.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is the Tea Party Dead?


In an article for the Altlanta Journal-Constitution, Cynthia Tucker alleges that the Tea Party movement is dying, citing an ABC-Washington post poll reporting that "50 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of the movement, compared with 39 percent in March."


She then goes on to quote a Washington post article stating that the movement's lack of organization is at fault for its failure to have real political clout at the polls. The cited article additionally accuses the Tea Party of being another fairy dust grassroots flare up with no staying power:

“No one owns the tea party brand, and that’s kind of the problem,” said Brendan Steinhauser, grass-roots director for FreedomWorks, which organizes tea party groups. “In Virginia — it breaks my heart. You’ve got six self-appointed tea party candidates and one establishment guy. You’re not going to beat the establishment guy in that situation” . . .

This wouldn’t be the first time an American political movement began to fade soon after an energetic, even sizzling, beginning. And other movements — think Ross Perot — had the advantage of a charismatic leader. To survive, the tea party movement has an even steeper hill to climb because there is no central, guiding force.
Tucker then asserts that the Tea Party was a weak brew to begin with-- a movement that doesn't reflect popular sentiment or draw wide support from the American electorate, that's more about histrionic, fringe shenanigans than substance:
But the truth is, the tea party was never a strong or widespread movement. Only 18 percent of voters identify themselves as tea party supporters. But its loud, publicity-oriented antics draw news media attention, giving it more an appearance of clout than actual influence.
If you are reading this blog then you likely have the same hope that I do: That ordinary citizens, empowered by the Constitution, can enact change through grassroots association, organization, and voting power-- the way that our Founding Fathers intended. For us, the Tea Party is the vehicle that will roll us into the future that we envision: the return of America to fiscal responsibility, limited government and personal freedom. Now, if the poll numbers above are accurate, then respondents with an unfavorable view of the Tea Party (although of an unknown sample set) may have increased in the last few months. HOWEVER, that still means that 50 percent-- half of the country does NOT hold an unfavorable view of the Tea Party. That is significant.

However, an increase in unfavorability is definitely due to bad press. Although there is little most of us can do about liberal media pundits like Chris Matthews and his upcoming fear mongering and skewed portrayal of our movement on the far-left media outlet MSNBC, we still have the power to shape our image.

At a Tea Party 365 volunteer meeting last night in midtown New York, the group's founder, David Webb, urged us to stick to communicating our core principles. He cited a few of what he called "teachable moments" during which members of the Party had done it a disservice by straying from those principles in their portayal of our movement, to the detriment of the Party as a whole. This is an important point. We must reemphasize what our Tea Party (not personal) principles are whether we are communicating with the media or merely friends, family and neighbors. Solidarity and unity of message are key to any successful grassroots movement.

That said, looking back at the recent primaries in Nevada and Virginia, it is necessary to ask some questions concerning our unity.

1) Is disorganization hurting our cause?
2) Should there be central leadership at the State level?
3) How can we advance our agenda of constitutionalism through viable candidates behind whom we throw mass support for their election?

The liberal media bias that we will inevitably face aside, it is up to us to spread our message and exercise our political power through the greatest political system on Earth. That will require getting people elected. Therefore, we need an agenda. It is imperative that we have discussions about what that agenda is, and how we can accomplish it-- before it is too late.

Do we want it to be 2012 with all the incumbents having won the midterms and Nobama Odrama back in the Blight House?


Let's start a discussion. Leave comments! Sound off! Let's maximize our American potential!

Stand Tall Patriots,


Monday, June 14, 2010

Washington: Kickin British A$$ When It Counted

Happy Flag Day Patriots!

With all the Nobama Odrama going on in our country, sometimes you just need to relax, crack a brew, and have a laugh. Check out how our founding fathers really drove the British off our land:



Bully Bobby E. got BUSTED!! Looks like you won't have to tune into WWE or UFC this week to get your fix of choke-slamming, ring side action. Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina has got you covered. What the hell is going on in NC? First that crazy guy that attacked peaceful a Tea Party protest last week and now this??

Bob Etheridge Attacks
              Bobby E. Lays the Smack Down

Here's the lowdown: a student citizen journalist tried to interview the congressman last week and the Do-Nothing-Dem Bobby E went ballistic--- doing his best Liam Neeson impression and releasing the Kraken all over his behind. Angrily hitting the camera, grabbing and shaking a young reporter half his age and weight, Bobby E looked like a pro-wrestler in the midst of a roid rage. Check this busted bully out:

Too bad he can't flex his political muscle as well as he can intimidate little kids. According to this guy sucks at his job:
"Bob Etheridge has sponsored 51 bills since Jan 7, 1997 of which 43 haven't made it out of committee..."
Maybe he's just pissed because he can never find anyone to cosponsor his bills. Or maybe its because he doesn't look good enough in spandex to get in the ring with the Undertaker. I'll tell you one thing, I wish he'd tried to yoke me up like that. I'd serve him up a serious dose of liberty from his consciousness...

Lets just remind Bully Bobby E. of our Bill of Rights, Shall we?
Remember the Fist Amendment that gives our journalists the right to do their job:
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
BOOM. There it is. The free press makes our democracy vibrant, and its part of why we're the greatest nation on earth. But maybe we need a "Ban Bobby E Child Bully" Amendment to keep this buffon from beating up young American journalists. Freedom of the press keeps our lawmakers in check, and are outside of the chokehold of BIG Government interests groups.

For all their conspiracy claims of the right trying to shut down the media, this fiasco is just latest in a string of incidents that expose the left as bunch of violent, bullying, liberal, hypocrites.

I applaud those kids for standing up to Bobby E. and shedding some light on how our lawmakers truly regard our constitution. Next time let's send Rich Franklin to do the interview and see how frisky he's feeling then.

Maybe he'd finally smell what the rock is cooking: Freedom.

Stand Tall America,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Broke-Back 'Bama

Apparently Obama wants us all to be broke. Apparently he hasn't been reading my blog. Apparently we need to send that clown a stronger message.

Fifty Billion in new spending with our astronomical debt?

I can't even express how pissed I am about this idiocy. No matter how he tries to veil it, spending money you don't have is spending money you don't have. 

2012 has to bring some change, and hopefully a few nickels and dimes for our economy too. But if we don't get it together this imbecile will remain in office, being as slick as the oil in the gulf, defrauding us with his Harvard lexicon. This story about our only hope for the future--- the tea party, upset me greatly. If we can't get some distinct leadership, and establish some common goals, then we'll just be a rag-tag group of misguided idealists that couldn't get the job done.

People, get organized. If not we've got six more years of this guy:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Crock: Wanna BAILOUT BP?


Obama is an idiot.

How many new and ingenious ways can this guy find to kill America everyday??

He seems to have taken the rivalry of today's World Cup game with Britain way to far--- at the expense of Americans.

His attacking of BP's dividend , stupid "ass kick" remarks, thoughtless anglo-phobic and angry rhetoric against "British Petroleum" (not the company's formal name), and allowance of the Justice Department to have a knee jerk reaction with the public witch trial of BP, have driven the stock wayyyyyy down. That's awesome right? We should make those British bastards pay right? No.

Here's why:

1) If BP goes under and is able to file for bankruptcy, then guess who's gonna be paying for the clean up at the Gulf. Yeah, you guessed it, us, the American taxpayer-- the quiet slave of the Obama administration. WHY THE &%^# SHOULD AMERICANS BAIL OUT BP?? That's right, WE SHOULDN'T. Hell no.

2)  Do you know how many Americans hold stock in BP? We are waist deep. We own 39% of the damn stock! That's half the friggin' company! That's the same amount as the British own! If Obama drives BP into the ground then all those Americans will lose out big time. Think of all those American BP employees, sleeping in trailers, cleaning our Gulf Coast everyday, who will lose their stock and pensions, and have their lives destroyed. How anti-American. It's not like Obama can give them another job. Remember the most recent jobs report? This guy just doesn't understand simple economics.

3) The British are our allies in the War on Terror. There's no need to mess up our relationship with an entire country. It's just short sighted. Let's hold the right people accountable and take the right action in a way that won't be detrimental to Americans, and our allies that help us police the world.

Obama is a World Crock. I'd rather he suit up on the field today and be the athlete that he was born to be, because he's clearly a horrible president.

I'll be waiting for game 5 of the NBA finals. An American sport.

Stand Tall Patriots,


Friday, June 11, 2010

America: Greece on Steroids

Socrates, Plato, the Parthenon-- all examples of what has made Greece a historical paragon of philosophy, art, and culture. Who wouldn't want to emulate their legacy, right? Not so fast. Let's fast forward about oh, say 2 and a half millennia later..

ablaze: A riot policeman falls after being hit with Molotov cocktail 
near the Greek parliament in Athens as demonstrations turned violent 
                                Greek riot officer engulfed in flames. A metaphor for the American Obama economy.

No matter what is said in your high school history textbook Greece is not country to copy. Today their economy and society have been destroyed. Years of lunatic spending, cheap lending and failure to implement common sense financial reforms (sound familiar?) left Greece naked and flailing when the worldwide economic downturn hit. In February, the Greek government, on the verge of bankruptcy, announced  "austerity measures" to combat its sky-high debt. Its people, broke and angry, didn't take kindly to its government taking away their rights when it was rampant government corruption and irresponsibility (ring a bell?) that flushed their economy down the drain in the first place. Surprise, surprise, three months later, completely bankrupted, Greece erupted into a conflagration of chaos and murder in the streets. About 100,000 pissed off pythagoreans struck nationwide, and they weren't throwing the discus, or hurling olives-- these folks were armed to the teeth, launching molotov cocktails at banks, riot officers, and any target they could see through the eye-holes in their gas masks.

                                   Onslaught: Missiles litter the street as crowds of rioters, many of them masked, surge up a hill to confront police in the centre of Athens yesterday. At least 18 people were hurt
                                  Goodbye Aristotle. Hello anarchy.

How the hell did this happen? It was the Double D: Deficit and Debt. And, alarmingly, America is hurtling down the same path!! Today the Foundry broke it down:
In April 2010, Greece’s FY 2009 deficit was estimated at 13.6% of the GDP.  The United States FY 2009 deficit reached a record high of $1.4 trillion, or 9.9% of the GDP.  If we continue to follow the President’s proposed budget, over the next ten years our average deficit will surpass the number that brought Greece to its knees.
Then there is the lingering issue of the debt.  Greece’s debt reached 115% of the GDP and could reach 150% of the GDP before too long.  Interestingly enough, the CBO reports that the US debt will jump dramatically from 53% to 63% between FY 2009 and FY 2010. And, just yesterday the Treasury Department estimated that by 2015 the ratio of US debt to GDP would rise 102% to nearly $20 trillion.
I don't know about you, but if you're like me and 79% of other Americans polled, this is an absolute economic Armageddon of horrific proportions. Why then are we American taxpayers, against our will funding yet another $6,800,000,000 dollar bailout of Greece through the IMF? The only thing Americans should consider paying that much money for is to build a time machine to bring James Madison back to bitch slap Big Government back into its rightful place!

Our out of control spending has to stop now. This Administration's ridiculous Keynesian reductionist policy that assumes every dollar it spends will stimulate the economy is bullshit, and we know it. Do we want to get to the point that there are government imposed, socialist policies, shackling Americans and small businesses? Do we want murderous, riotous mobs in our boulevards? No. It's simply time to tighten the purse strings, reign in teenage-with-a-credit-card government spending, stop inflating entitlement programs, stuffing the pork barrel, and passing on a  fourteen figure debt to our kids.


Why don't we try tattooing this solution offered by the economists at on Obama's forehead:

*Freeze government hiring for the next 3 years.
*Eliminate bonuses and raises for the foreseeable future.
*Institute layoffs and across the board wage cuts. Why should government employees enjoy “privileged status” that no employee in the private sector enjoys?
*Change pensions from ‘defined benefit’ to ‘defined contribution’ pension plans, meaning retirees receive only what has been built up in their 401K type retirement accounts.
*Raise the retirement age. In Greece it is going from age 53 to 67. Gold-plated pension plans are the single biggest factor that bankrupted Greece. The same problem bankrupted U.S. automakers GM and Chrysler.
*Require government employees to pay more of their healthcare (through co-pays and deductibles).
*Change the way pensions are calculated by eliminating overtime and raises in the last years of employment to “game the system”. 

Sounds pretty damn reasonable to me. Especially since we are Greece on steroids.
Its times like these that we need to heed the wise words of our Founders. James Madison said:
Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
Arm yourself. Hit the streets and take the polls. Take back your money. Take back America.

Stand Tall Patriots,