Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thoughts of Freedom

Greetings Patriots! I hope that you all had a safe and proud Independence Day weekend with your friends and family!

To me, July Fourth is a time to reflect on what the founding of our great nation meant to those whose blood and toil allow us to live in the greatest country in history. I believe that the words of Jefferson and Madison should be the true north on our American Compass, to keep our course unaltered by the winds of "change". One must constantly refer back to the designs of his journey's beginning to confirm that he is heading in the right direction.

We cannot forget that WE THE PEOPLE are charged with this duty-- not some  autocratic authority figure. As citizens of this republic it is our responsibility to stay make sure that the path we tread is in leading us to the promised land of our national destiny.

But if we become complacent and neglect our duties, then we may find ourselves entangled in the creeping undergrowth of a different, darker path. In fact that is what we are seeing today. We've forgotten our sovereign duties and have allowed our "leadership" to take us astray into a mire of spending, debt, bureaucracy, and post-American policy-- and then we're on the right track:

We're no fools. The President consistently attempts to placate us with his "we're doing great but it's a tough road" bit. It's because of his profligate policies that our debt is skyrocketing regardless of what claims he makes as to meager improvements in job creation.How dare he invoke our nation's Independence Day to bolster his doublespeak! The anniversary of our nation's founding should have us up in arms to fight the deepening hole that we Americans find ourselves sinking into.

It is time to stop the premature back patting over primary victories and focus our attention on November. Here's one way. I may have had some quibbles with remarks he made about candidates publicizing their affiliation with the Tea Party, but Dick Armey has provided Americans with a way forward through Freedom Works. If you hesitate to click, just think of how much less painful a mouse click is than a bayonet or musket ball through the chest. If we can't endure taking such minimal action on behalf of those who gave their lives for our freedom, then we deserve to be lied to and lured into a socialist wasteland.

Do what you can, and let's get back on track.

Stand Tall Patriots,


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