Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Race Riot Sideshow: Destructive Distraction


I've reserved commentary on the race related uproar of the past few weeks  but feel that it is time to weigh in. Each event of the past few weeks: the NAACP allegation that the Tea Party is wholly racist, the deplorable Mark Williams rant, the Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, and the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, can all be categorized under one heading: Polarizing Distraction.

Whether it be Big Government's Andrew Breitbart, or the NAACP's Ben Jealous, both the left and the right are shamefully guilty of playing the race card, in a game when the stakes are far too high. The spectacle of the last weeks has eclipsed more important stories such as the continued cleanup of the gulf, the passage of the financial reform and unemployment legislation, the looming spectre of the un-American DISCLOSE Act, and the fact that there is neither a solution on the horizon for our astronomical budget deficit, nor is there a viable candidate to take the helm in 2012 and make sure that our ship doesn't run aground.

Do not be distracted. Do not lose focus. If you are reading this blog, then you, like me, uphold most supremely the ideals that our nation was founded upon, and are willing to tirelessly toil for their restoration. 

Does a childish he said she said about melanin do anything to control government spending and bloated bureacracy? No.

Do disingenuous video edits advance our national discussion about how to maintain our federalist tradition of individual liberty and states' rights? No.

Do we need to refocus our lens away from inflammatory wedge issues and onto topics like fighting ObamaCare. Of course we do.

Yes, the knee-jerk reaction of the Obama Administration in using Tom Vilsack as a scapegoat to fire Shirley Sherrod without as much as a cursory examination of the evidence against her, is evidence that Black people do not have a faithful protector in the White House as many liberals falsely believe. However, that is actually just an indicator that we need to find and elect a capable Commander in Chief, who won't use a "human shield" tactic when backed into a corner by some random website administrator.

Who is that person? That is the question of the hour, and that is what we need to recruit our collective energies for. Let us not stray to watch the next cable news broadcasted kindergarten quibble at the expense of our goal to take back America for the Free.

Stand Tall Patriots,



  1. Super! I feel like you've vocalized exactly what I've been thinking the entire time. I'm angry at the efforts of both the left AND the right on this one. we need to stop paying attention to these political footballs and get a new quarterback!!

  2. Hi! this is my first time to see this blog. It is so great. I am from Romania. We had a communist country. I wonder why so many Americans hate each other when you are all free.

    I don't want to be forced to buy healthcare or have high taxes. That is what I care about not races.

    Thank you for writing this Super Patriot. I hope many people will read.

  3. A Super Patriot is a term used by the government to classify Patriots who outwardly display the Gadsden flag, NRA stickers, anti-NWO, and anti-U.N. stickers on there cars and homes and to catagorize those that are actively trying to wake others up to the socialist, globalist agenda that America is facing. Yes i am proud to be a Super Patriot.