Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Reporter Shatters McChrystal: A man. A pen. A volcano. can't tell you how ashamed I am today of our news media, our government and our society.
The reputation of a military genius, and our nation's security have been compromised by a misused ball point and a misbehaving force of nature. That's right. Had it not been for that Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull McChrystal would still have his life, and our country's safety in tact.

What was supposed to be a couple of short interviews in Paris became an extended month long affair for Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings when the ash cloud enshrouded European skies. A note from Hastings' twitter confirms it.

So to McChrystal and his aides, this guy was inconspicuous and seemingly trustworthy after such an extended relationship. He must have seemed like one of the embedded reporters, who often realize that what they see and hear is sensitive information-- and that they should exercise caution to publicize only the most essential elements of what they witness. This Michael Hastings, this rock reporter, had none of that sense. He's probably in some trailer somewhere patting himself on the back while some musician snorts drugs off of an overeager, underage groupie. Stick to those stories Hastings. Leave our country alone. 
I have no problems with General Petraeus, another true hero and Patriot with a proven record of service, taking over command. But what I cannot tolerate is the credence that the American news media have given to such a trifling story. If you read the headlines you'd think that the General had overtly undermined the President's authority. The President has done that himself. He hasn't even mentioned Afghanistan since his lackluster, watery words at West Point in December! What sort of Commander in Chief is that?? He's shown no leadership, and now he's been buffetted by the whimsical winds of Washington gossip and media hype. 

Where are the American people on this? I'm not seeing enough outrage at either this hack, pop journalist, or at the backbone bereft bureaucracy. I for one will make sure that the next candidate for president that I vote for has a history of truly supporting our military, and is a man of integrity who won't cave to tabloid media stories, crafted by dilettante donkeys wielding recording devices.

What a tragedy that volcano proved to be for America. If not for that, such a bloodsucking yellow-journalist would never have been able to sidle up and destroy a national hero with a few thoughtless strokes of a pen. But we, as Americans have to tune out of these stupid stories. Our intellectually devoid consumer culture permits our media to inundate and influence us with drivel fit for the lowest common denominator. Maybe if we stop watching, maybe if we write to them, maybe if we don't read trash mags like Rolling Stone, we'll be able to send them a message: stop feeding us shit. 

Stand Tall Patriots,


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  1. Couldn't agree more with your assessment.......but I do think more of the population who actually look at news with some basic sense have tuned out what is regurgitated on most channels and cherrypick the newspapers for the people they find informative. There is also a sneaking suspicion in my head that the General knew exactly what he was doing. The former general is now in position to ask and receive anything he wants.
    Generals, we salute you both and our prayers for all the military wherever they serve.
    The President should play more golf...every day would be good.