Sunday, June 13, 2010

Broke-Back 'Bama

Apparently Obama wants us all to be broke. Apparently he hasn't been reading my blog. Apparently we need to send that clown a stronger message.

Fifty Billion in new spending with our astronomical debt?

I can't even express how pissed I am about this idiocy. No matter how he tries to veil it, spending money you don't have is spending money you don't have. 

2012 has to bring some change, and hopefully a few nickels and dimes for our economy too. But if we don't get it together this imbecile will remain in office, being as slick as the oil in the gulf, defrauding us with his Harvard lexicon. This story about our only hope for the future--- the tea party, upset me greatly. If we can't get some distinct leadership, and establish some common goals, then we'll just be a rag-tag group of misguided idealists that couldn't get the job done.

People, get organized. If not we've got six more years of this guy:

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