Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crooked Chris Matthews Kills Freedom
Know Thy Enemy.

I always watch chicanery chocked channels like MSNBC so that I'll know what garbage the other side is trying to deliver to our doorstep. It is imperative that we enlightened conservatives do this because it will help us to refute erroneous claims, and to develop appropriate strategies to defeat the anti-American propaganda machine.

Did you catch Loony Leftist Liberal Liar Chris Matthews last night? He broadcasted a piece of tendentious tabloid trash masquerading as a documentary, called "Rise of the New Right". It is a fear mongering, scare tactic designed to paint conservative concerned citizens who want to restore American values, as dangerous, racist, anti-government lunatics. I am a peaceful, black constitutionalist American, aligned with the core free-market, libertarian values of the Tea Party. I guess that makes me a violent, racist, radical. Right Chris?

Obviously this is untrue.
Let me ask you some questions:

Do YOU think that it is reasonable to pay for your neighbor's mortgage when government policies enabled poor people to buy homes outside of their means and eventually default?

Do YOU think that it's crazy for Americans to peacefully assemble to voice their discontent with the expansion of government and skyrocketing deficit and debt?

Do YOU think that the United States of America should be run based upon the CONSTITUTION, and not a marxist, socialist, "progressive" agenda that is driving our economy and culture into the ground?

Your answers should be no, no, YES. And we're fighting back.

Of course Matthews is afraid.
He's afraid because we're seizing our country back from him and his cronies of the liberal elite.
He's afraid because we're going to kick his president's lying butt out of office.
He's afraid because we're taking a stand to remake America!

Take that stand alongside the National Tea Party Federation, which is petitioning sponsors that advertise on Hardball with Chris Matthews to pull their ads! Don't let them trample on your 1st Amendment Rights! Don't be silenced Americans!

Let's hit these fascists where it hurts: their wallets.

Watch the show and see for yourself how slanderous and slanted this mockery of journalism truly is:


  1. How biased and non-journalistic can you get?? Chris Matthews is just a puppet with a platform.

    I'm a tea partier and I'm not interested in Obama's birth certificate. I don't wear camouflage and skulk around with my gun in the woods looking for illegal immigrants. I'm not racist. (In fact, you're pretty cute Super.)

    We need to get some good leaders in place to counterract the fringe image of a crazed, fring element..

    Why don't you run for something Super? If you speak as well as you write then I'm 100% certain that you'd get votes. I'd move to NY just to vote for you :)

  2. Haha. The compliments are appreciated. I just may do that... I've been thinking about becoming a precinct committeeman for my district. If you're moving here let me know. I'm holding you to that promise ;)

  3. Thanks. Keep your eye on 'em. I personally can't stand more than 5 minutes of their BS at a time.

  4. So, um, tell me again exactly how this documentary is tilted, slanted, and prejudiced...and exactly how the presentation trampled on anyone's first amendment rights...and what, exactly, makes them "fascists"...and, while you're at it, how everything on Faux News is "fair and balanced."