Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flashback: Ronald Reagan Reawakened"It is no coincidence that our present troubles parallel, and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and excessive growth of government. It is time for us to realize that we are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We're not as some would have us believe doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing."

More than ever before Reagan's words are relevant to us all. Please take a few moments to listen to the Great Communicator put government in it's rightful place, inspire his citizens to draw upon the greatest qualities of the American spirit, and aspire to lead the world to prosperity. This was filmed at his first inaugural address on January 20, 1981:

Remember the American promise.

Stand Tall Patriots,


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