Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Crock: Wanna BAILOUT BP?


Obama is an idiot.

How many new and ingenious ways can this guy find to kill America everyday??

He seems to have taken the rivalry of today's World Cup game with Britain way to far--- at the expense of Americans.

His attacking of BP's dividend , stupid "ass kick" remarks, thoughtless anglo-phobic and angry rhetoric against "British Petroleum" (not the company's formal name), and allowance of the Justice Department to have a knee jerk reaction with the public witch trial of BP, have driven the stock wayyyyyy down. That's awesome right? We should make those British bastards pay right? No.

Here's why:

1) If BP goes under and is able to file for bankruptcy, then guess who's gonna be paying for the clean up at the Gulf. Yeah, you guessed it, us, the American taxpayer-- the quiet slave of the Obama administration. WHY THE &%^# SHOULD AMERICANS BAIL OUT BP?? That's right, WE SHOULDN'T. Hell no.

2)  Do you know how many Americans hold stock in BP? We are waist deep. We own 39% of the damn stock! That's half the friggin' company! That's the same amount as the British own! If Obama drives BP into the ground then all those Americans will lose out big time. Think of all those American BP employees, sleeping in trailers, cleaning our Gulf Coast everyday, who will lose their stock and pensions, and have their lives destroyed. How anti-American. It's not like Obama can give them another job. Remember the most recent jobs report? This guy just doesn't understand simple economics.

3) The British are our allies in the War on Terror. There's no need to mess up our relationship with an entire country. It's just short sighted. Let's hold the right people accountable and take the right action in a way that won't be detrimental to Americans, and our allies that help us police the world.

Obama is a World Crock. I'd rather he suit up on the field today and be the athlete that he was born to be, because he's clearly a horrible president.

I'll be waiting for game 5 of the NBA finals. An American sport.

Stand Tall Patriots,


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