Thursday, June 10, 2010

Black Liberal Rage Spits in the Face of History

This story profoundly upsets me. A true affront to patriotism happened on Tuesday June 8, at a peaceful protest by the North Carolina Tea Party Patriots who were opposing government bailouts in front of Rep. Mel Watt’s (D-N.C.) Greensboro office. A leftist loony toon named Governor Spencer, walked in off the street, disrupted the crowd, and became violent. He was not only physically aggressive to a man named Nathan Tabor (who happens to be a GOP chair holder), by pushing him unprovoked, but he even shoved the man's wife-- and then brutally assaulted Tabor with a series of cowardly sucker punches! His crazed attack came after multiple pleas from Tabor not to touch his wife amid the backdrop of Tabor's five year old child's terrified screams. This display of anti-Americanism is abhorrent, unacceptable, and worthy of all of our contempt. The clearest version of the youtube footage has been removed from the internet, but I found a copy taken from a home video of FOX News. Watch the footage for yourself, and realize the horror of intolerance at its worst:

Of course I am an American first, but as a black American patriot, I am disgusted and incensed at the way that he is portraying black men as violent haters of peaceful assembly, our 1st amendment, and of our liberty to dissent the government takeover of America. I would contend that the type of anger shown by this man, Governor Spencer, (who will never be governor of anything but his own deranged mind or hopefully a prison cell) is far more damaging than Obama's milquetoast "ass kick" comment. Black, white, asian, hispanic, we should all repudiate this cretin's behavior, and throw our support behind the grassroots movement sweeping the United States.

Now, to counter the disturbing imagery above, that perpetuates the stereotype of rabid, blood thirsty, left-wing black men, I would like to highlight a feature done on Glenn Beck's Founders' Friday on 5/28/10. The segment below exposes a part of American history that liberals don't want America to know. It shows the rich history of black American patriots who stood against the British, who risked their lives for country, and who lovingly toiled for our freedom. The victim narrative serves only the democrat platform because it  divisively convinces Americans, both black and white, that blacks cannot and should not love America. Well, the history speaks for itself, and perhaps, if that crazed brute Spencer had known his history, he would have seen that he's got some true Black American role models that delivered and died for our nation, unlike Nobama:

I hope you learned something new today. And regardless of this information's novelty to you personally, please continue spread the word that there is a significant counterbalance to Spencer's freedom hating fists: It's the voice of patriots of all races who understand that we have to stand up to bigots like him to take back America

before the government enslaves us all.

Stand Tall Patriots,


A Good Read recommended to me by a friend:

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  1. I think the liberal media ALSO uses us in a bad way like not showing black people at tea parties, etc. I also believe many of the founders, Washington, Jefferson, etc. kept slaves because that was their 'culture' and they probably couldn't free them if they tried or else they would have got kidnapped and sold to cruel owners...Washington and Lincoln saw cruel owners firsthand. I wish our people would give it a rest..the conditions today are ravaged FAMILIES by drugs, abortion,(have you seen maafa 21?) and promiscuity. period. Since you are only 27, I remember when drugs were NOT available, including marijuana, to the average person, anywhere