Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crash The Tea Party

I came across something interesting today:

Submitted by J., who makes an excellent point: “Basically, liberals are going out there and doing stupid shit that the teabaggers are doing. Problem is, then the teabaggers can just blame it on the liberals and won’t have to suffer any consequences. This isn’t rocket science and I can’t believe these people think it’s a good idea.  Noble cause, horrific execution.”

 I wish that I could say I'm absolutely shocked, but I'm not. Instead of being constructive to advance whatever strange, Inconvenient Truth, anti-religion, anti-America agenda they support, they have to stoop to slimy subversive levels. Apparently this was originally posted on the now defunct, but the site's founder, Jason Levin (that smarmy looking fellow on the left) was outed by on April 10th. Still, just because they were thwarted once doesn't mean that these people have found something to make of their lives and aren't still up to reprehensible tricks.

Many of you may have read my previous post about that attack site my blog was featured in, which is dedicated to making the Tea Party look bad by publishing quotes, photos, and excerpts of online conversations by SUPPOSED Tea Party members. After reading this "Crash the Tea Party" message I wouldn't be surprised if many of the posts on that website were planted by infiltrators. After all, the objective of Jason Levin and his cronies was to, "whenever possible...act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate the least appealing further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public's opinion of them".

Make no mistake, these creatures are in our midst, spreading propaganda, and attempting to derail our fight to take back America.

Be neither fooled nor disheartened. Arm yourself with knowledge, and when uninformed people try to tell you that you're part of some fringe, extremist group, you can educate them about the treacherous, liberal smear campaign-- email them a copy of that message if you have to!

Beware of traitorous, liars bent on destroying America's opportunity to be free again. There's no need to be paranoid because they're usually easy to spot. They leave a trail of flag hating grime in their wake.

Spread the word, and keep fighting for America!

Stand Tall Patriots,


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