Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elena Kagan's Ventriloquist Confirmation

Have you been watching former Clintonite, Solicitor General Elena Kagan's  Supreme Court confirmation  hearing? It's infuriating that these hearings have become nothing more than an exercise in saying nothing. Kagan herself has described the process as "vacuity and farce." Truer words have never been spake-- although, this cartoon captures this particular confirmation best:

I was incredulous to discover a recent poll which found that 42% of Americans had no opinion regarding Kagan's possible confirmation. This is shameful. Elena Kagan is a politician at best. She's got ZERO experience as a judge on the bench. The only thing that she should be asked during these hearings is to leave. The only reasons that the Obama Administration chose her are because:

1.) She's a woman and it makes them look progressive.
2) She supports the liberal agenda (anti-gun rights, pro-abortion, etc.) and has proclaimed that being an activist judge is "not necessarily wrong or invalid."
3)  She's got no record of court decisions, which will make it harder for Republicans (or Dems with sense) to question her about her history.

But the biggest reason is that she supports extending Big Government. In a paper she wrote for the Harvard Law Review in 2001 titled "Presidential Administration" she argued the merits of supreme Executive Branch control over regulatory bodies and agencies in order for a President to achieve his or her aims. In Nobama's case that would be disastrous for America.What a nightmare this wolf in judge's clothing is!

kagan-softball The Constitution of the United States is not a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book! It laid down the laws for our country and the Supreme Court must be its enforcers. If we wanted them to make revisionist interpretations we'd ask them to sit down with some Sharpies and have at it. That's not the job, and only a few of them get it. I guess we could never have expected Nobama to replace the most liberal judge in history, Judge Stevens with a moderate, but we really can only speculate as to the leanings of Kagan based on her sparse record. But I suppose, despite what her softball pic indicates, that she bats Lefty.
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