Thursday, June 10, 2010

Make the Conservo-Flip!

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I'll admit that I grew up a liberal. Coming where I come from it was natural to always vote democrat and to believe in a prescribed ideology. Even as a child something didn't feel right but I rolled with the hypocrisy wagon... for as long as I could. Ignorant of history and of socio-political reality, I lambasted Reagan out of habit with stock school yard quips, and even poked fun at Bush for his misstatements and poor optics during Katrina. But it was all halfhearted, and I didn't know why. Today I do.

As a child I believed in the promise of America. I knew that no matter who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do, my goals were attainable because of the flag that I flew and the anthem that I sang. Some people tried to tell me that, as a black boy from Harlem, I would need a handout (read: affirmative action) or social welfare to achieve a sustainable life. That's not what I'd learned from our founders or from my parents who worked at prestigious private schools so that I would be able to receive a world class private education. Although I held the ideals of a free America in my heart, I noticed that things began to change. Although our country was under attack, we stood divided on protecting our nation. Despite the fact that we grew further and further in debt to foreign powers, we continued to borrow beyond our means and become beholden to alien interests. Notwithstanding that our founders believed in limited government and personal freedom, our liberties have been eroded, and stolen, to feed a bloated, pork laden federal government that scoffs at States' Rights!

We've got the ills of Obamacare, the underfunding of our armed forces, and as many of you know, by 2015 our national debt will have skyrocketed to an unthinkable, untenable, unprecedented $19.6 trillion. And did you know that our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation--- all of our most important founding documents now come with this disclaimer:
I believe in the constitution, and I don't need a disclaimer to tell me that I have the right to free speech, and to make sure that our government works for us!

In these times it will take strong leadership from the people to remake America into the land in which free men and women have the rights to personal and State Liberty, to choose their health care, to arm and defend themselves, to expect their government to keep its hands out of their pockets, and trust that it won't relinquish their childrens' future to a penurious, socialist existence, dominated by the Chinese.

That is why it is only conservatives who can take back America! And we have to do it by going to the polls, taking the fight to the streets,Image: Tea party protest in D.C.
and forming networks of like minded patriots who will truly "kick ass" (and not like Obama's weak rhetoric about BP)!

I am a conservative because our forefathers were. And even though they are liberal, my parents taught me to treasure the American dream. So I say to you now, the country is reflected in the state of our beloved gulf coast: mired in thick, heavy ooze that weighs us down, pollutes our ideals, and tries to obscure our natural beauty.
 oil spill
But unlike the government we have the tools to wrest ourselves from the sludge and purify our own waters or freedom and liberty, with our god-given bravery and courage!

Never give up the fight. I am with you. God bless you all. RISE UP!

Stand Tall Patriots,


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